Preserving Saanich For Future Generations

If elected, as councillor I will work diligently to:

  • Stop Overdevelopment
  • Defend the Interests of Residents and Local Communities
  • Significantly Expand Ecological Protection
  • Keep Saanich Safe
  • Preserve Saanich’s Unique Character and Heritage
*Donations not accepted from developers

Meet Sasha Izard

"I promise to advocate for strong community, lasting infrastructure and long-term sustainability"

A History of Community Involvement

Worked over many years for the preservation and protection of local ecology in Saanich. He helped in the process to eliminate gas landscaping equipment on residential properties in neighbouring Oak Bay through a recently introduced three year phase out plan.

A Sustainable Entrepeneur

As sole proprietor of a small business in Eco-landscaping, successfully pioneered the shift in 2018, to using all lithium-ion battery electric power equipment, offering a proof of concept business model for municipalities to adopt, in order to make highly polluting gas landscaping equipment a thing of the past.

A Friend, Neighbour and Citizen of Saanich

Having grown up in Saanich, Sasha along with his beloved wife, do everything they can to ensure that their daughter is able to grow up and be inspired by the people and nature that have made Saanich such an exceptional municipality. He feels strongly that the future of this region is something that simply cannot be taken for granted and will do everything he can to maintain its being a safe haven for many species, as well as its natural allure and strengths.

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