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I'm very sad to hear that Geoff Young won't be running for Victoria Council again. Geoff had truly become the rare voice of reason on the council. Having a strong sense of integrity, he frequently voted alone against a populist majority and thus made wise and principled moves in doing so.

He demonstrated that truth could still exist in the face of the prevailing political winds. Unfortunately the majority ruled the day time and again. Victoria has shown itself to be in a downward spiral over the last decade as a result.

Thanks Geoff for providing a beacon of hope for a return to sanity for the city.

May your example not be forgotten.

Had a look at the Beckwith area today. Have you heard about the duck pond that is about to be drained in Beckwith Park? I checked it out today. Really bizarre stuff from the looks of it and what the locals were saying.

Only a couple blocks from it was the Milner Ave tree massacre, where swaths of protected trees were bulldozed for development.

There was one deer there looking dazed and confused and a little skinny squirrel limping away from it across the road that one onlooker pointed out was a pretty sad scene.

In terms of natural habitat, the Beckwith Area seems to be in steady decline.

When will the public wake up from its slumber and realize that the growth model is an utter train wreck?

This is one of the main reasons I am opposing the densification agenda. One lot that I work next to had a single family home, a bunch of forest and 200 meters of field. It was bulldozed. Three houses are being put on the same spot, which required cutting a huge swath of forest and there is no greenspace there between the houses. Come a heatwave that place is going to scorch.

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“Buildings account for nearly half of all greenhouse gas pollution generated in the city,” said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps

Thank you Mayor Helps for finally admitting that as you are on your way out.

Don't you think it's a bit ironic then that your legacy to the city is probably the most massive and rapid building boom that it has ever seen?

Last year I wrote a letter to the editor about exactly this issue:

Since then Mayor and Council have pushed a massive construction agenda for Victoria which can only cause a further surge in GHG emissions in the city.

Although I salute the move at last to prevent unnecessary C02 emissions in newly constructed buildings. Let's take the claim that these are zero carbon buildings with a bit of scientific skepticism. The actual construction of those buildings, the forestry, mining, manufacturing and shipping involved as well as the carbon intensive supply lines and energy it takes to support city life is not carbon neutral and will not be anywhere near the timeline being suggested.

If anything the construction industry which has been consulted on this seems to be trying to greenwash its own image yet again through environmental PR without following through on the basic logic of the situation: the more we build unsustainably and endlessly through a growth based model, the more damage will be caused to nature and the life support systems that we depend on. Bulldozing trees for more high-rises is not the solution, it is the problem.

As someone once said: "The greenest building is the one not built".

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The survey like other recent online surveys put out by Saanich to help determine the future of its communities is open to anyone without any working verification system in place to determine whether or not those filling out the survey even live in Saanich.

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