Canada Action: another lobby in British Columbia hiding under the banner of Non-Profit status is behind the 'BC LNG will reduce global emissions' mass advertising public deception campaign.

February 4, 2024


Canada Action is the astroturfing "non-profit" organization behind the BC LNG will reduce global emissions mass advertising campaign.

The BC system is designed to allow lobbies that push for-profit interests to hide under the cloak of being non-profit organizations, something that I wrote about in this article:

Canada Action's funding page: Funding - Canada Action

Why does the BC system allow so-called "non-profit" NGOs pushing profit-based interests to hide under non-profit status, when they are clearly acting as a lobby? Why are they not require to make public who their donors are?

Why is the registered non-profit allowed to publicly spread mass misinformation in British Columbia e.g. that LNG will reduce global emissions?

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